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Schedule Navigator


Schedule Navigator is the app to navigate your Google Calendar events.You will keep control over your whole day and become more productive! Schedule Navigator enhances Google Calendar with 2 main features:- Enhanced notifications- Automatic allocation of events ■ Enhanced notificationsSchedule Navigator notifies on 4 timings:- On the start time- On the end time- 5 minutes before the start time- 5 minutes before the end time By this feature, you can concentrate to execution of events or tasks, and manage your time orderly and easily. ■ Automatic allocation of eventsOn Schedule Navigator, an event can be allocated automatically when you set "Auto allocation mode" on it. With this feature, when you change the time of an event, the following events are reallocated automatically. ■ Recommended use- Assign events to the whole day as far as possible. Add them as not only appointments, but also tasks or rests. And recommend to set Auto allocation mode on the ones without fixed time.- Then execute events according to notifications. And you can change time if needed. With Auto allocation mode, even if an event time was changed, the following events are reallocated automatically, and you can always predict the rest of the schedule. Then you won't lose control after the change. At the end of the day, you will get a great sense of fulfillment!